Digital printed on adhesive paper
7” x  9” 
Edition of 100

Published by Center For Book Arts.

The Fall 2022 Broadside Reading Series: Seeing the Stars when the Sun is Shining is curated by Emily Brandt. Six artists paired with six poets engage the unconscious mind consciously. In this series, artists and writers cull dreams, memories, emotion, and ritual–looking with increasing clarity at that which is normally too close, too far, too agitated, or hidden by something stronger. In these six broadsides, words and images illuminate that which was previously hidden. Artists and poets have created a collection of limited edition letterpress-printed, risograph printed and digital print broadsides. Each collaboration explores the relationship of text, image, and design, incorporating the artists’ visual conveyance of writers’ poetry and prose.

Designed and printed by Simón Ramirez in honor of Seeing The Stars When The Sun is Shining, Fall 2022 Broadside Reading Series on November 23.

Inspired by the poem Hard Problem of Consciousness by Matthew Williams.